congregation beth am - sanctuaryCongregation Beth Am is a thriving, interactive synagogue and much more than just a facility. Members and non-members alike meet under our roof to study, worship, celebrate, mourn, grow, ask questions, laugh, sing, and discover, but most importantly it is where we come together.  Our building is designed for multiple uses with different wings, all with the purpose of creating a community where our Jewish  heritage and spiritual growth can be nurtured and explored.

Congregation Beth Am consists of these areas:

SANCTUARY: We consider our Sanctuary a Living Room; literally, a room for living. We leave time during every service for everyone to visit and greet newcomers.  As a congregation, we believe it is a mitzva for everyone to feel welcome in our bright and warm “living” room, especially for prayer and study.

On the High Holy Days, our Sanctuary and Social Hall form a great room, bringing the entire congregation together as one family!

The philosophy of Beth Am is very simple: the more we celebrate life, the more joy there is in being Jewish.  It is very common to find B’nai Mitzva, Aufrufs, and/or special birthdays and anniversaries sharing a Shabbat.  The sanctuary is where we begin.

SOCIAL HALL: We love to eat! We consider every meal following a Shabbat/Holiday service and during/after every social gathering to be S’uda Shel Mitzva, a meal that extends a mitzva. The congregation, visitors, and guests are invited to every Bat/Bar Mitzva luncheon, as the priority of our congregation is being together.

Our Social Hall comes alive with dancing on Simhat Torah, Purim Shpiels, latke eating on Hanukkah, learning sessions, and social gatherings.

Catering by Artisans, our in-house caterer, creates exceptional Kosher food in both taste and presentation! Every simcha is personalized, and no one ever walks away hungry… ever!

EDUCATION CENTER: Our brightly colored Education Center hosts 5 new classrooms, with a double-class room for Junior Congregation and special events.  Of course, the best part of our Education Center is the sound of children. At Congregation Beth Am. we recall the words of our Talmudic Sages:  “As long as we hear the sound of children learning, no enemy shall triumph over the People Israel.”

LIBRARY: Our new Library and Conference Room offers opportunities for our members to study everything from ancient history to modern Jewish literature, from Biblical Commentary to Rabbinic Insights, and from theology to Israel today.

PLAYGROUND: Our playground is in a secure and safe area of our campus.  We believe investing in our children is an integral part of Jewish life and the kids love our playground!

Portions of our building are available for rental during various times of the month and year.  For more information, please contact the synagogue office at 407-862-3505 or email shalom@congbetham.org