– Handout Information

Dear B’nai Mitva Family,

As the CBA liaison to the B’nai Mitzva families, I am here to help you and to make sure everything goes smoothly. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or requests.

  • The office will need to know when you are doing pictures at the synagogue (the office is open between 9-3. You will need to email Rabbi Rick directly (rabbirick@embarqmail.com) if you wish to have him there for your photos).
  • Please notify the office if you are expecting any deliveries, such as balloons, flowers, kippot…..(all deliveries must be made before 2 pm on Friday)
  • By May15th, please provide a brief narrative (name of school, favorite subjects, hobbies, pets, family members that will be attending and where they are from) and photo to shalom@congbetham.org (please cc Rabbi Rick: rabbirick@embarqmail.com). This information will be used for the June Bulletin, the Heritage and for the handout.
  • For the handout: You will need to provide us (3 weeks out) a “Letter to Friends and Family”, any remembrances you have, and who is sponsoring the Oneg/Kiddush.
  • Please find the attached form to be filled out for the Heritage. You may submit it directly or we will submit it for you.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any additional questions,

Elyse Jacobs

Office Administrator