We Learn

Lifelong Education: Childhood Through Adulthood

As a Congregational Family, we believe education is the key to developing a personal relationship with your faith.  Every member is encouraged to discuss, analyze, and share their insights gathered from study of the Torah and Talmud.  Discourse is how we grow and the respectful exchange of ideas is what allows us to value different points of view, a core tenet of Judaism.  

          We strive to ensure every lesson taught:

  • Uplifts our learners so they see themselves as individual reflections of God’s Image,
  • Provides the skill level to comfortably function in Jewish settings,
  • Instills the desire to make the world a better place through the practice of Jewish values and mitzvot and
  • Develops with all members of our congregation a strong identity with their heritage, a commitment to Conservative Judaism, and a sense of belonging within Congregation Beth Am.

The goal of our program is that the next generation looks upon Judaism not just as something to be inherited, but rather as something to be discovered and cherished. We hope that what we convey in educational programs grows and deepens in the years and generations to come.