Adult Education

Education does not stop when you leave school.  It is actually just beginning of a lifelong academic journey.  As part of our commitment to offer lifelong learning, Congregation Beth Am offers three programs for adults.  All courses require an open mind and a sense of humor. Non-members are welcome to attend the classes. Each course requires at least 10 participants. Classes are held at Congregation Beth Am and are free.

Wednesday Evening
7:15 pm – Ancient and Modern Jewish Philosophers speak to the Needs of the World Today
Our conversations are academic and religious, punctuated by joy and never boring. The Hebrew Bible and Talmud is alive with insight and relevant lessons. In this class we explore the surface meanings and underlying meanings of some of our oldest stories and texts, applying their messages to today’s world.

Sunday Mornings 10:30(see calendar for scheduling)

Torah Readings & Basic Jewish Concepts

Tuesday Evening in Oviedo
Please contact the congregation office if you are interested in creating a once-a-month study and discussion group.  We run these classes periodically and they fill up very quickly.

Note: Minimum 10 students required per course. Check the Calendar on the Events Page for the schedule of classes.


The Hebrew root H-V-R conveys the meaning of “connection” and has traditionally been applied to Jewish relationships. In the early centuries of the rabbinic era, for example, a study partner was called a Haver and a study group was called a Hevruta. Today we extend the “connection” to people who simply want to enjoy being Jewish together, often in the home: the Havura.

Currently, we have one Havura, with another just getting organized and under way:

(YP HAVURA) MID-20s to 30-SOMETHINGS: We get together for social events, Havdala, game nights, talking and laughing. We might even go to shul together and go out after for dessert. Contact Elana Moss( for information and ideas

EMPTY NESTERS HAVURA: Our group for empty nesters who want to explore Judaism and Jewish joy on an adult level. The discussion This group is for people who (a) want to get together in a social setting beyond the synagogue building, and (b) might have questions about Judaism. Please contact the Elana Moss( or Marilyn Lustig ( for information.