Religious School

Uplifting The Next Generation

There is no greater gift we can give our Jewish children than a love of Hebrew language, culture, and knowing how and when to do the right thing for others.

Our school creates a positive environment for Jewish learning. We  are committed to teaching our children the beauty of Judaism. Our curriculum is intended to help children see the world through Jewish eyes, to make Shabbat and Jewish holidays part of their lives, to pursue knowledge of their heritage while building a sense of Jewish identity that is relevant and meaningful in today’s world. and to ground their ethical decisions in the teachings of Torah.

We recognize that each child is different, so our curriculum is tailored  to meet each child’s individual needs, including our unique program designed for children with special needs.  

Locations: Online and Longwood (Classes are taught by a staff of experienced teachers.)                                                                                         

To Register

To register your child, download and print the following registration form and return it to the office.  If you need help, call our office.

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