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At Congregation Beth Am, we love to get together.  

It’s in the fabric of who we are as a community and this sense of community is especially evident in our Chavurah service.  Periodically we come together on a Friday evening to welcome Shabbat at a member’s home.  The service is traditional in nature but in a very personal environment.  Often we will have an acoustic guitar or other live music to enhance the evening, which creates a memorable time for everyone.  

Congregation Beth Am’s Chavurah services are well attended and popular in the community.  Just as every home is different and a wonderful expression of the people who live there, so too is the Chavurah.  We may worship together and have dinner, a potluck, or a dessert spread to be sure everyone ends the week on a high note.  It’s a chance for us to share our lives in very personal ways, which is how a healthy community grows.

Member Sherry Williams shared her perspective on Congregation Beth Am’s Chavurah service,

“Chavurah gatherings for Congregation Beth Am are incredibly special.  We are extremely fortunate to have members open their homes for people to gather.  On those Friday evenings, when we drive home, we notice a long line of cars parked down the block and know, that must be the house! Then we enter to hear conversation and laughter.  This continues until darkness falls and the service begins.  We sit close together on sofas and chairs, sometimes sharing prayer books. The feeling of togetherness makes the Kabbalat Shabbatot very cozy and even more joyful.

Either a lay leader or rabbi leads the service.  Sometimes, we have the special treat of a musical Shabbat.  Osvaldo Gonzalez often plays the guitar and sings beautifully.  With his singing, our cares fall away, and we become fully immersed in the service.  The atmosphere makes it easy to fulfill the spiritual purpose of Shabbat, which is to thank G-d for giving us this day of rest.

After the service, it is time to socialize.  Depending on what time the sun sets, we either share a potluck dinner or have only dessert.  Enjoying a good meal is appreciated and the food is always delicious!  Because everyone is having such a good time, people start discussing when we will have the next Chavurah.  Usually, a few people then offer to host it.  When it is time to go home, everyone is well-fed physically and spiritually.  What a special way to begin our day of rest!

Congregation Beth Am would love to have anyone in the community join us.  The more the merrier”



Chavurah Time Everyone!

November 17, 2023 offsite.  RSVP required.
Celebrating the Jewish food served at Kiddush Luncheons.  
Please bring a Dairy, Pareve, Fish or Vegetarian dish in a disposable container
Suggested homemade goodies include:
Appetizer, Main course, Side Dish or Desserts.
Please email the office to register or for more information.


Contact the synagogue office by email at  to register for any of our events, obtain Zoom codes, or visit for more information.




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November 2023
The Exiles
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